Laundry Love
Sept. 27th 5:30-8:30pm
(the last Wednesday of every month)
Bellair Coin Laundry
190 Blairmore Blvd. E., Orange Park

Sign up to help and look for more information on Kick Off Sunday!

Grace is opening our doors to groups from around the country and inviting them to stay here while helping with relief efforts in Clay County during the day. The Youth House will provide the shower and sleeping space, the parish hall the sleeping space and the kitchen will allow for hot and cold meals to be made.

You can also volunteer in Clay County or report a need resulting from Irma by calling: 904-644-0311. The county has organized itself and we are part of that coordinated effort headquartered at Christ Church on Rt. 17.

You can bring food for the Blessing Box, volunteer for Laundry Love (which will be even more needed now), cook or bring snacks for the volunteer teams. Figure out what “Your Share” is in the aftermath of such a devastating storm. Our neighbors need us and we are going to be here to help them for as long as it takes. Don’t forget to pray for one another. Email me with any questions.

Blessings, Kedron +