Sunday School for all ages 9:30 am, Sanctuary classrooms

Younger Kids: We are incorporating multisensory, fun learning activities geared toward anyone in this age group. Lessons will be in sync with the day’s sermon so when your children hear Rev. Kedron’s message, they will be somewhat familiar with it.  One of the regular projects our children will do as a way of shining God’s Light and Love is contribute to the Blessing Box. Your children will make small cards with love messages and affix them to non-perishable food and water bottles and we will walk them out to the Blessing Box during Sunday School. If you would like to drop off nonperishables in the Sunday School classroom, we’ll be glad to deliver them once we’ve added our notes. We’ll also make notes and crafts to include in the Christmas bags for the elderly.

Youth Group:  Tweens and Teens, we will be meeting at 9:30 during Sunday School hour to begin a regular, FUN time of hanging out.  First up, we’ll be exploring “The Gospel According to Harry Potter.”  What can we learn about how to follow Jesus from this popular book series?  Come find out!  Don’t worry if you haven’t read the books, you’ll still be able to follow along.  We’ll also talk about off-campus events we’re interested in, where we fit into church, and what cool retreats are available through the Diocese.    

Adult Classes: 1. Parish Hall Bible Study and 2. Introduction to the Episcopal Church in the narthex. We are reading Your Faith, Your Life by Jenifer Gamber– join or drop in!

Angel Trees are up!

Stop by and choose a foster child’s wish list or Blessing Bag need for Consulate Nursing Home resident. Bring you items in by Dec. 3rd and stay after 10:30 church to stuff bags, write notes and organize gifts. You can help deliver them too– sign up in the narthex!
Laundry Love
Nov. 29th 5:30-8:30pm
(the last Wednesday of every month)
Bellair Coin Laundry
190 Blairmore Blvd. E., Orange Park

Sign up to help and look for more information on Kick Off Sunday!


Advent is coming!

Mary and Joseph will be making their way through the congregation. Sign up to host them for a night and make the Christmas season come alive in your home.

This fun tradition is based on Las Posadas. “Posadas” can mean “inn” or, in this case, lodging. Las Posadas is a traditional Latin-American celebration. It is a yearly tradition and symbolizes the challenges which Mary and Joseph faced before finding a place to stay where Jesus could be born. It is based on a passage in the New Testament, the Gospel of Luke (2:1-9). Each night a different family hosts Mary and Joseph. Here at Grace, we will join in this tradition. Each family or person is asked to take Mary and Joseph into their home.You can take them where ever you go that night: to soccer practice, Starbuck’s, to your dinner table. Imagine what they would have talked about, worried about, celebrated. You then make arrangements to pass them on to the next family. On Christmas Eve they will make their way to church and into the sanctuary for our 5:00 family Christmas celebration. Sign up in the narthex to host Mary and Joseph for the night.